Who we are

 SSCF Board of Directors

President & Treasurer - Devon Zebrovious

 Vice President - Kirstie Grabosky

Secretary - Diane Cicak 

SSCF Committee Chairs Racing Committee Chair - Kirstie Grabosky

Communications Committee Chair - Dillyn Ketterman-Millnick

Fundraising Committee Chair - Rebecca Barker

The Side Saddle Chase Foundation’s growth continues to support point to point races and hunts as they bring in a new audience and supporters through riding aside. Their mission to increase interest in point to point racing supports the need to preserve and protect the land where we hunt and race.
— Donald Yovanovich, President, Virginia Point to Point Foundation

What We've Achieved

  • Created the first all side saddle steeplechase race in the United States at the Loudoun Point to Point races, Leesburg, VA in April 2015

  • Created the first steeplechase race in America where a rider rode aside since the 1930s

  • Organized the OVS side saddle three-race series starting in 2016, consisting of three races in three different states for an overall award.

  • Organized and moderated the "American Women in Racing" round-table forum at the National Sporting Library and Musuem in August 2016, with speakers Diane Crump, Eva Smithwick, Susan Cooney, and Zoe Valvo.

  • Held the first annual "Hunting Aside" weekend in September 2016, with a clinic at Wind Fields Farm in Middleburg, VA, and then a fox hunt aside with the Snickersville Hounds