This is the current 2019 Calendar. We hope to see you at some of the events!

SSCF January 2019 Side Saddle Weekend

flat race Clinic, the 2018 year-end awards ceremony, and TWO days of fox hunting!!

Please join the Side Saddle Chase Foundation for a jam-packed sideways weekend.

More info can be found here: January 2019 Hunting & Awards Weekend

2019 Races

Sat, Mar. 17 - Warrenton Hunt Point to Point (VA) - flat race

Sat, Mar. 30 - Green Spring Valley Point to Point (MD) - jump race

Sun, Apr. 14 - Loudoun Point to Point Races (VA) - flat & jump races

Sun, May 12 - Willowdale Steeplechase (PA) - jump race

Sun, May 19 - Potomac Hunt Races (MD) - flat race

The Sun, Sept 22 Side Saddle Race at High Hope Steeplechase (KY) is not a SSCF-organized event. However, riders may gain hunter pace points for participating/placing.

Sat, Oct. 12 - Genesee Valley Hunt Races (NY) - flat race

Sun, Nov. 3 - PA Hunt Cup Races (PA) - jump race