The SSCF is, above all, an educational organization. We host seminars, hold clinics, organize side saddle hunts, and more.

In August 2016, the SSCF presented the "American Women in Racing" round-table forum at the National Sporting Library and Museum in Middleburg, VA, which featured well-known women in racing, including Diane Crump, Eva Smithwick, Susan Cooney, and Zoe Valvo.

In September 2016, the SSCF hosted the first-annual Hunting Aside weekend. The first day was a clinic at Wind Fields Farm in Middleburg, VA, taught by Devon Zebrovious, where the group worked on preparing themselves and their horses for hunting sideways, including going cross-country and jumping natural or hunt fences. Then, the next day, the clinic participants were invited to hunt the following day with the Snickersville Hounds by the kind invitation of Eva Smithwick, MFH.

The SSCF hosted two racing clinics in 2017. The first was a jumping race clinic at Plantation Fields, the home of the Cheshire Point to Point, and was run by noted steeplechases Ivan Dowling and Paddy Young. The second clinic was held in Middleburg, VA, and was focused on both flat and jump race riders.

In 2018, the SSCF hosted a hunting aside clinic in January at Wind Field Farm in Middleburg, VA.

In 2019, the SSCF worked with the MD Steeplechase Association to do a side saddle steeplechase training session with professional trainer and jockey, Ivan Dowling, at Green Spring Valley Kennels in MD.