PRESS RELEASE: The Side Saddle Chase Foundation Announces the Release of Web Site and Condition Book

By Maggie Johnston

January 10, 2017

Middleburg, VA – The Side Saddle Chase Foundation announces the release of their web site and Condition Book.

Side Saddle Chase Foundation co-founders Devon Zebrovious and Maggie Johnston, who organized the first all side saddle race in the United States in 2015, have launched which includes the Foundation’s race listings, related training and hunting educational events, membership forms, awards including the OVS Perpetual Trophy, partnerships and sponsorship opportunities, and a racing Condition Book.

Devon Zebrovious, president of the Side Saddle Chase Foundation, describes the side saddle races as combining the elegance of riding aside with thrilling and challenging sporting competition. Ms. Zebrovious and her husband George Kuk are owners of Cherry Blossom Farm in Middleburg, Virginia. Together they have over 60 years combined experience riding in the hunter/jumper rings and hunt field. Ms. Zebrovious, a three-time national side saddle champion, has ridden side saddle for more than 15 years in the show ring and hunt field, and has taught many riders who currently show, hunt, and/or race aside.

The Side Saddle Chase Foundation’s mission as a 501(c)(3) organization is to provide education on riding aside, as well as to promote point to point racing and fox chasing and the need to preserve open spaces where those pursuits are enjoyed. The addition of Side Saddle Chase Foundation-affiliated races have proven to produce increased race-day attendance and media coverage. The current spring calendar features races at Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Foxhound in PA, Loudoun in VA, and Potomac in MD.

Donald Yovanovich, President of the Virginia Point to Point Racing Foundation, states, “The Side Saddle Chase Foundation’s growth continues to support point to point races and hunts as they bring in a new audience and supporters through riding aside. Their mission to increase interest in point to point racing supports the need to preserve and protect the land where we hunt and race.”

The new Side Saddle Chase Foundation web site includes a Condition Book, which serves as the rules and requirements for current races and any future races interested in including a side saddle race. Horse and rider safety, race requirements, tack and attire guidelines as well as race and year-end awards and scoring are all included.


To learn more about the Side Saddle Chase Foundation, please contact

Devon Zebrovious, President

Maggie Johnston, Vice President